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CSI has created a set of tools that compliment one another and we call them Paladin Services. The meaning of the word “Paladin” is any determined advocate or defender of a noble cause. CSI的圣骑士服务和我们给客户的建议都与这一含义紧密一致.

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Paladin Patch Management Service

With Cyber Crime on the rise, IT staff are being pushed to the limit. Not only are they tasked with making sure teachers, students, and staff have easy (and functioning) access to the technology they need, but they also must assure that their network stays safe. According to the Center for Internet Security (CIS), 服务器补丁是“基本的预防卫生实践之一,它将显著增强您的安全态势”.“ Unfortunately, many districts don’t take advantage of this “easy fix” because it takes time they don’t have, and can interfere with daily operations.

We can help. 圣骑士补丁管理服务是CSI提供的“为您完成”服务套件的一个新添加. Paladin补丁管理服务为Windows服务器提供关键和安全补丁的微软补丁, security updates, and critical updates. Should a critical patch come out, CSI will apply it as necessary as part of the service. CSI将审查所有最新的补丁,并及时应用所有被认为安全且必要的补丁. CSI还会监控补丁的正确应用,如果有需要解决的问题,它会通知你.

Paladin Cloud Backup

Protecting your data is one of the most important responsibilities you have. Your data is what keeps you organization productive, and how well you protect it can be the difference of being in compliance or not.

许多组织依赖于对存储区域网络(SAN)的本地备份,或者在整个校园或另一个远程位置复制数据. While this solution is better than keeping everything in one single location, there is still a better means of protecting your organizations data. With the recent severe weather we have been experiencing, 一场风暴或其他灾难可能会摧毁你的主要存储区域,这并不是荒唐的想法, as well as your replicated sites.

Paladin Cloud backup is a true disaster recovery solution. There are no concerns about security. Data is encrypted at levels exceeding standard government and banking regulations. The storage sites are redundant data centers that are US based; east coast and west coast.

Here are a few more points about Paladin Cloud Backup:

  • Agent-less backup software that simplifies the installation
  • Immediate recovery process for quick online data restoration
  • Minimized bandwidth and storage requirement
  • 备份受到监控,如果失败,我们会立即知道,并让您再次回到正轨

If you do not have a formal disaster recovery plan in place, we can help you plan this. Having been through fire and flood ourselves, 以及我们在帮助组织计划和从不幸事件中恢复中所获得的广泛经验, we bring a unique perspective and sense of urgency relating to this topic.

Paladin Sentinel Monitoring

Can you see the smoke before the fire? That’s what Paladin Sentinel Monitoring is all about, 在问题变成更小的烦恼或可能导致系统崩溃的大事件之前看到问题开始发生. 想象一下,如果这些小问题都能被消除,那么你每天可以花多少时间?

Anyone can wait for a problem to occur before they respond, but we go the extra mile to solve potential problems before they become mission-critical issues. This solution is simple to set up, and will not require you to change anything in your current environment - hardware, software, or your staff.

Picture this: It’s 3am on Sunday, and your network is completely down. School will be open Monday and computer based testing is scheduled to take place. Can you pinpoint the root cause and begin to work on the problem immediately? Are you confident you will be able to solve this yourself? Is your IT team experienced enough and do you have enough head count to handle this on your own; would you even want to?

Here’s an idea of the many things you can see in Paladin Sentinel Monitoring:

  • Low disk space (and on a path to disaster).
  • Unauthorized software/hardware being installed on your network
  • Failing UPS battery
  • Temperature of your main datacenter and closets
  • Presence of a virus in your network
  • Failed Backups (would you know it right away, or go on for days or weeks before knowing?)

How do you know what you don’t know? Find out.

It’s time to experience IT support the way you wish it could be. Gain peace of mind, and greater control of your network. Become a Paladin customer today.

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Paladin Sentinel Security Log Server Monitoring Service

随着网络攻击和网络犯罪的增加,审计人员和新法规越来越要求K-12学校在其IT网络管理方面遵循已公布的最佳实践. 互联网安全中心(CIS)运行MS-ISAC,并发布了“CIS控制”,这是一个优先设置的20个行动领域,共同形成了一套最佳实践,以减轻针对系统和网络的最常见的攻击. Maintenance, 系统审计日志的分析和监控被定义为CIS基本水平控制,是本列表中的第6个行动领域. 协助我们的客户在他们的网络安全态势中实现这一关键功能, CSI now offers our Log Server Monitoring service, 在不增加地区资讯科技队伍负担的情况下,协助完成要求.

Paladin Remote Support

When there is an issue with one of your computers or network, you can’t always wait for an engineer to arrive on site. You would like the problem to be resolved as quickly as possible. Paladin Remote Support allows for a secure, 基于权限的远程连接您的网络和我们的工程师远程解决您的问题. This allows for quick resolution time and can be used for both Mac and PC.

Of course, should your issue require an on-site visit; we can certainly send our engineers to your location. All support is completed by CSI engineers who work out of our Fishkill, NY office.

If you have a support issue, you can call our office at 845.897.9480. We will be happy to set you up with a remote session with one of our engineers.

CyberSentinel Managed Endpoint Detect & Respond

True Cyber Security for Defense Against Evolving Cyber Threats

In the past few years, cyber-attacks have evolved to be a dangerous threat to every organiza- tion big and small. Luckily, CyberSentinel Endpoint Detect & 响应(EDR)提供了在勒索软件等新威胁中需要的端点保护, malware, phishing, social engineering and more.

CyberSentinel托管EDR使用高级安全软件,并得到其安全运营中心(SOC)的支持。, empowering you to get back to what you do, assured that your endpoints are defended with the best technology and staff in the industry.

Endpoint Cyber Security Backed by a Dedicated Security Operations Center

CyberSentinel Managed EDR is backed by an advanced SOC facility, 配备了全天候的网络安全专家团队,能够尽快应对威胁. Together, we provide a powerful combination of software and services, including:

  1. Advanced monitoring, detection, response and remediation services to stop threats and minimize harm to your endpoints
  2. Intelligent reporting and documentation capabilities, including real-time alerting, network and activity monitoring.
  3. Threat profiles that map to specific attack vectors and protec- tion needs, 当系统或站点达到超过可接受阈值的风险级别时,可以实时发出警报.
  4. Advanced Features:
    • Mitigation-the ability to kill and quarantine threats,
    • Remediation-including roll back and restore damage
    • Forensics-allowing you visibility into the attack timeline- before, during and after

CyberSentinel Managed EDR —Stopping Endpoint Cyber Attacks Dead in their Tracks

CyberSentinel Managed EDR SOC团队监视和分析所有端点设备上的活动和行为,以识别活跃的威胁. Using market leading endpoint detection and response technology, we’ll identify and confirm these malicious attacks in progress and, if discovered, 会激活补救措施来阻止即使是最复杂的攻击,并保持你的地区向前发展.

The dangers of cyber threats are growing by the day, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Millions of organiza- tions will be affected this year—don’t be caught off-guard! Be prepared with strategic, intelligent cyber security from CSI.

Managed Firepower

今天的互联网和网络安全环境与短短几年前大不相同. Our legacy tools, basic firewalls and basic anti-virus/malware are no longer sufficient to keep your network safe.

思科的“火力威胁防御”(FTD)防火墙是您所在地区安全计划的一个重要的新组成部分. However, to be most effective, this new next-generation firewall needs consistent monitoring of its generated Event Logs. 它还需要对它的许多安全信息数据feed进行持续监控,以确保它们正常运行,并监测所需的最新软件更新,以确保它们已得到应用. 对这些活动的关注可以确保您的FTD以最高容量运行,以保护您的网络.

Unfortunately, 对许多地区而言,维持保安所需的持续关注是地区工作人员难以维持的额外支助负担. This opens up districts to possible security exposures. CSI wants to help you with this, and has developed our Managed Firepower Services offering. This offering’s services are designed to provide:

  • 为现有的思科火力设备环境提供远程日常监控和设备管理服务
  • 由训练有素的CSI工作人员每日审查活动报告,并通知客户任何需要注意的事项
  • Monitoring and management of all required system software updates by CSI staff
  • 协助执行客户的安全策略,识别/阻止客户的IT网络的未授权访问

These services provide many new weapons in the fight against cyber terrorism, and will greatly enhance the security of your network. However, no service can completely eliminate the threat of unauthorized network access. CSI is not responsible for any unauthorized access to client’s network.

Managed Firepower Services Detail:

  • Continuous health monitoring and device management service for Cisco Firepower devices
    • Verification of maintenance and proper connection of FMC to Cisco
  • 由训练有素的CSI人员监控和管理所有必需的配置和软件更新的火力系统(设备+ FMC)
    • Verification of proper download and installation of periodic updates
      • Rules updates, Geo updates, etc.
    • Includes all customer requested policy updates/changes in addition to CSI suggested changes
    • Performance of routine software updates to maintain system currency (max 2x per year)
    • Performance of critical patch updates as released by Cisco, if any
  • 由训练有素的CSI人员审查系统前一天的活动报告(每夜生成),并通知客户任何需要注意的事项.
    • Includes initial remote remediation assistance when appropriate/available